4 Ways to Hold a Smartphone That Can Reveal Your Personality

4 Ways to Hold a Smartphone That Can Reveal Your Personality - Almost everyone who lives in urban areas uses smartphones in their daily lives. According to data from Statista, statistical and research data portals, it is predicted that there will be 3 billion smartphone users in 2020.
4 Ways to Hold a Smartphone That Can Reveal Your Personality
Ways to Hold a Smartphone That Can Reveal Your Personality

Well, of the millions of people who use smartphones, it turns out that there are only the four most common types of smartphone users. Interestingly, the way you hold and operate a smartphone can reveal your personality. Which method are you the most?

1. Holding a Smartphone with Only One Hand
If you are the type of person who likes to hold and operate a smartphone with one hand, then you are a very confident person. As quoted from Brightside.me, you dare to take risks, but still, wisely think about the consequences carefully. This trait can help you achieve the results or goals that you are targeting.

But about romance, it seems like you sometimes think too long. You will carefully consider whether someone really means or what you really need in life. This makes you tend to long decide to relate romance. Because of that, people see you as an aloof and quiet person.

2. Hold the Smartphone with One Hand and Use the Other Thumb to Operate the Screen
How to use a smartphone like this characterizes you as a wise person. You are intuitive, smart, reasonable and wise. You have calculated everything before taking action.

But you are a complicated person in a relationship. Sometimes you can be very judgmental about your partner, and that is not a good nature in maintaining relationships. 

3. Using Both Hands to Hold and Operate the Smartphone
You work and want everything to run fast. You are an efficient person and it doesn't take long for you to make a decision. When in a new situation or place, you will quickly adapt. In romance, you are someone who is assertive but can sometimes make your partner a little scared.

4. Using One Hand to Hold the Point of the Only Hand to Operate the Screen
Creative, that's you. Holding a cellphone in this way shows you people who have lots of ideas. Not just ideas that are stored in the brain, but you can apply them to your work or life. There are times when you choose to spend time alone to live up to your ideas.

These wild creativity and ideas sometimes contradict your nature in matters of romance. You tend to be shy about approaching the opposite sex and like to have difficulty building emotional ties to the person you are taxiing to. But once you know your true personality, he will be amazed and interested in you.