Things You'll Regret Later

Things You'll Regret Later - People usually regret what they did'nt do when they had a chance. "If only..." That two words can be a bitter sentence that someone uttered to show a regret. Indeed, in our lives, there are often things that can be regretted, both now and in the past. The cause can be various, sometimes because of the deed or it could be because of a wrong attitude that you do. Don't regret what you've done or what you've never done. Just greatfully, it's simple ways to achieves happiness. Read More: Gratefully, Simple Ways to Achieve Happiness

Things You'll Regret Later
Things You'll Regret Later
Well quoted from, Tuesday (22/11), here are things you should avoid so you do not regret in the next 10 years.

Things You'll Regret Later

1. Trying to be perfect for others.
Do not want to be yourself and wear "mask" in front of others. You seem to spend the time to impress other people with you so that you also lose your identity. You do not have to be perfect to inspire others. Let them be inspired by you and also accept your imperfections Sob!

2. Reluctant to build your own dream, instead let others "draw" your dream.
 It becomes a challenge to find who you really are. But there will be happy when you know where you want to go, Sob. Your way of life, you yourself.

3. Negatively minded circle of friends.
Do not let someone who always thinks negative around you. Do not let it fall you. It is better to spread affection than hatred, generosity than greed, and patience rather than anxiety. In order to get out of this circle you need to apply some of the following:
  • Suggestion yourself with positive things, such as many people who love me, my family is very happy, I am a confident person, and much more.
  • Eliminate all complaints, replace with gratitude
  • Use your free time to have fun.

4. Selfish and self-centered. 
The most beautiful thing in life is when we can benefit others. If we can instill goodness for others this is what will be a reminder for you and become a beautiful memory.

5. Avoid change.
If you want to know your future, see your attitude and action now. You must be willing if one day you must leave the past to be able to face the future. Life keeps spinning you know Sob!

6. Often give up when it comes to facing a difficult problem.
In life, there is no such thing as failure, but it is a lifeless learning. Maybe a little too cliche, but if you can avoid this by learning from mistakes and being able to continue the challenges that lie ahead, you can finally win this.

7. Always want to control all the details and little things. 
Seing a conscientious person is important. On the other hand, you need to take a deep breath and relax and let life run slowly. Do not let yourself be drowned under pressure or stress from the little things that will not really be a big problem later on.

8. Too easily satisfied with your achievement. 
Do not let you get stuck with your current achievement when actually you can get more, Sob! Try to continue to explore yourself in a better direction.

9. Procrastinating at work. 
"I'll do it later," you often feel like you have plenty of time to do things. But when the deadline is near you get in a hurry while doing the task. This can make your work not maximum, and also can become a habit. Still, want to regret it?

10. Lazy and wishy-washy. 
A lazy person can be interpreted as someone who has no purpose in life. They do not have the will to work and it can also be the cause of bad things like the failure of life and others.