Four Shocking Facts About People with Depression

Four Shocking Facts About People with Depression - First, before I write information below, I am as someone who has listened to the songs of Linkin Park in my young age, I felt condolences on the things that happened to lead singer, Chester Bennington, that found dead committed suicide in his apartment. He suspected due to mental pressure and depression for a long time.

Four Shocking Facts About People with Depression
Four Shocking Facts About People with Depression

In fact, most of the suicide victims, have uniform ignition sources as the reason why they commit suicide are depressed. Apparently, there are some surprising facts related to people with this depression problem. Citing information from site as a source of this article, the following Four Shocking Facts About People with Depression.

Patients with depression tend to experience pain

If you think depression is just a mental disorder without causing real pain in the body, then that understanding is wrong. Known from some research results, it turns out depression and pain are in the same biological path (neurotransmitter). One of the scientific studies of depression published by the journal Pain said that people suffering from depression have intensity four times the higher experience of pain in the back and neck.

Depression Patients Easier Social Media Addiction Online

There are several studies that reveal that most people with depression will be more frequent activities and choose to interact with the virtual world, especially online social media. As a result of the pressure on the mental, depression sufferers generally consider the virtual world, as the most appropriate escape to avoid the pressure of their thoughts and feelings.

Patients with Depression Have Anger Easy Anger

In a 2013 study, published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, 54 percent of people who suffer from depression will always feel hostile, angry, argumentative, or in other words, have a tendency to easily ignited his emotions.

Depression Patients Generally No Longer Care About Care And Their Appearance

One of the facts about people with depression that can also be a sign of someone suffering from depression is the loss of care for daily body care, such as combing hair, brushing teeth, or the suitability of clothing worn. One of the scientific evidence, obtained from the results of the survey in 2014, on more than 10,000 respondents, it is known that 61 percent of people have poor oral health, where they are people who turned out to be depressed.