7 Differences Between Introvert and Extrovert

The Differences Between Introvert and Extrovert - In general, there are two different types of people you will meet every day. Introverted and extroverted people. The trick is that these two types are a spectrum that can not be understood or definite, at least we can position ourselves better with others when we understand one's dominant nature.  

The Differences Between Introvert and Extrovert
The Differences Between Introvert and Extrovert
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Well, if you are an introvert, you can easily interact with people who are also introverted. But you may be a bit troublesome when it must be full of extrovert people. And vice versa for extroverts. From Popbela there are seven differences between introvert and extrovert people in everyday life. Let's see.

Processing Circumstances

This is the biggest difference between introverts and extroverts. Although so quiet, introvert people's mind is very busy and active. They will think in their own heads and stack them until they are sure they are, then they are expressed. Instead, extroverts will verbally communicate what they think and always look for space for discussion. So if your coworkers or spouses are extroverts and they often fuss over themselves when they think of something, they are trying to understand the situation, not because they are panicking. If your friend is an introvert, do not hurry to give an opinion or talk. Let them analyze the situation first and be patient.

Facing a New Situation

Introverts are usually observers who are observant and reliable. They will be more in silence to find out about everything. Extroverts will not hesitate to ask questions and interact with others when they are in a situation they have never experienced before. So avoid comments like, "Why don't you just be quiet?" If you like an introvert that is an emergency.

Meet New People

Chat chatter can be a big enemy of introverts. They prefer to relax deep things. They should also look for common interests, hobbies, or experiences to be able to chat with new people. This is certainly different from the extrovert people who can easily find interesting chat and fun topic with anyone. Well, when you meet an extrovert who loves to talk and get acquainted with new people, do not assume they are pretentious because they have great curiosity.

Releasing Stress

Introvert people will usually be alone for a while to relieve stress, whether it's by watching movies, reading books, internet translations, or playing a single game. Meanwhile, extroverts will look for activities that can make them move and exchange with others. If your friend has many thoughts and does not want to go, do not be discouraged. Not everyone can get out of stress by traveling and hanging out crowded. They also do not ask for pity when they're at home. But if your friend is an extrovert, immediately invite him to meet and listen to his story. After that, divert attention by chatting other things or doing other activities.

Facing Change

Changes to things that are very annoying to people because it can ruin their plans. So, allow time for introverts to accept the slightest change. But for extroverts, change is what they are looking for. Those with extrovert personality are more receptive and adaptable to change. Well, before you have to understand there is no one personality is better than others, there is a different personality.

Keeping Friendship

Extroverts may have very many acquaintances and friends, but they do not really know him very well. Only a few specific people can be good friends of extroverts, that is usually people who have known them for a long time. Meanwhile, those who introvert not easy to mingle and close to others. They usually only have one or two friends they really recognize and trust. Remember. This does not mean they are arrogant or unwilling to mingle. They just feel uncomfortable exposing themselves to others. 

Appearance and Spatial Planning  

It's not hard to give gifts for introverts. Just choose a suit or accessories with neutral and safe colors such as black, white, brown, gray, or pastel and dark colors. In the spatial arrangement, they are also important and minimalist. For extroverts, they prefer to experiment with bold colors like red, gold, silver, or yellow. They also prefer to dress and arrange space.

Some people misunderstand that the introverts are arrogant and the extrovert is noisy. In fact, when you know their nature in different circumstances, you will see that their attitude is not a negative one, but a mere difference of mindset.