How Your Face Describing Your Personality

How Your Face Describing Your Personality - Have you ever look in the mirror and pay attention to your face shape? Alternatively, you never pay attention to your face shape to your friends? Did you know that from the face shape, you can read a person's character. It's fun! 

Activities read characters of this face shape is very popular in the country of China, in fact, turned out to be parts of the face, such as eyes, ears, and nose can also reflect the personality of a person. Well, you've certainly read you curious as to what the character of the face? Come, see the explanation.
How Your Face Describing Your Personality
How Your Face Describing Your Personality

Round Face Shape
If you have a round face, you have a high emotional level. You are a person of taste and attention. The face is round also showed brilliance, like the practical, and dynamic. But round face not always found in obese people.

Box face
People who have a face shape box are the type who tend to be aggressive, ambitious, and dominant. They have strong principles, so they are not easily influenced by others. People faced boxes also have analytical thinking and dependable.

Oval face
You who has an oval face is a hard worker. You trusted people to give a solution. You tend to have an athletic physical is creating a sense of excessive narcissistic, where it can ruin your relationship with others. Hmm, do not narcissistic yes, Readers, just to taste.

Triangle Face
There are two types of the triangular faces. Triangular face up and face down triangle. People who have a triangular face has a wide forehead to the top of which is smaller than the width of the jaw. They are delightful people for advice or solutions. They are also able to influence others. With a triangular face has a wide forehead downward larger than the width of the jaw. They have a generous character and love to learn. They are also the people who are creative and have a high sensitivity. Most people with triangular faces are the ones easy temperament and emotion.

Aside from the face shape, you can also read a person's character by the shape of the forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, and lips, Readers. Let's see!

Forehead Shape Width
Who has a wide forehead? Do not need to worry, Readers. You know not if forehead indicates a smart person and have more skill than others. People forehead width is the idealistic and have many ideas.

Flat Forehead
You having a flat forehead are the ones who have logical thinking and pragmatic. You like to show the facts of the issues that are going on.

Prominent Forehead
You are a dreamer and has a strong ambition.

Thick Eyebrow Shaping
Known to do the job quickly and have a high talent

Thin Eyebrows
Thin eyebrows tend to detail the minutiae. The lack of them is lack of confidence.

Straight Line Eyebrows 
People with this eyebrow shape is usually the person who is simple and humble.

Arched Eyebrows
You got eyebrows with this shape are outgoing and sociable. You are a humorous person.

Almost Connected Eyebrows 
Readers, if you have eyebrows that are both almost disconnected, you are a leader who firmly and wisely. Wow!

So, now it's time to grab a mirror, Readers! Note the shape of your face and other parts of the face. Learn your character even further, or you can also recognize the character of your friends to see the face