Introvert, Extrovert, or Ambivert. Which One is You?

Introvert, Extrovert, or Ambivert. Which One is You? - I've wrote a lot about introvert in this blog, but I've never wrote about what introvert is. So, for now, I'll give you information about introvert and two other of personalities.

It has a wide range of human nature, and of the properties that will reflect his personality. According to the Swiss doctor of psychology, Carl Jung, there are three common types of personality in humans, namely Introvert (introversion), Ambievert (Ambiversion) and Extrovert (Extraversion), quoted from

Introvert, Extrovert, or Ambivert. Which One is You?
Introvert, Extrovert, or ambivert. Which One is You?

Introvert (introversion)
Introvert or introversion is a human personality is more related to the world in the human mind itself. So people who have introverted nature is more likely to close themselves from the outside life. They are human beings more thinking and less activity. They are also those who prefer to be in silence or quiet conditions, than in too many people.

Extrovert (Extraversion)
Extrovert or Extraversion is the opposite of the Introvert. Man with extrovert personality has more to do with the world outside the human. So people who have extrovert trait is more likely to open up the outdoor life. They are human beings more activity and less thinking. They are also people who like to be in a crowd or a condition where there are a lot of people, rather than in an isolated place.

Ambievert (Ambiversion)
Ambievert or Ambiversion is the human personality has two personalities, namely Introvert and Extrovert. Ambievert human personality can change from introvert into an extrovert, or vice versa. Having ambievert personality is arguably better, because it could be flexible to human activities as an introvert or extrovert, and can interact with introverts and extroverts well. Unlike Introvert Extrovert is difficult to get along with and vice versa.

However, the shortcomings of this personality, because it has a personality between introvert and extrovert, people with personality ambievert so often seen moody, because it is often capricious.