Happy Life by Doing Kindness

Happy Life by Doing Kindness - What comes to your mind when I say the word 'happy'? A lot of money? Luxury home? High rank in the job? Or maybe just a faithful partner? Many things could be the reason, how a person can feel what is called Happy (Happiness), depending on how these individuals interpret the purpose of his life. Therefore, a feeling that most people need, does not have the raw nature and can not be calculated in levels.
Happy Life by Doing Kindness
Happy Life by Doing Kindness

If I've wrote about something that killed happiness, pessimism, now I will share how to achieve happiness by doing good. How good is influenced by the feeling of happiness you? Follow a Happy Life by Doing Kindness options. See also : Pessimism, the Killer of Happiness

Based on the writings of a psychologist, Abraham Harold Maslow (1908-1970) which describes five levels of human needs, namely: eating, drinking, sleeping, sexual intercourse, and security.

When needs at levels 1 and 2 are met, then the next requirement is the need for social relationships, which involves the individual needs to live and be accepted as a member of a group, a society. In this level, including the need for love.

Next is a need for recognition from others, which is generally associated with self-esteem. Including felt itself superior than others. Behind it there is a desire to make ourselves proud through these things, and hope that other people recognized his achievements. Medal, title, nickname, job title, is a manifestation of this desire.

Level needs last and highest is self-actualization. At this level, someone was trying to "forget" him, by merely want to give maximum benefit to others, or in other words do good with sincerity.

Functions and the brain was run in line with the requirement level theory. Euphoria induced happiness hormones (Endorphins) will be reinforced by the increasing levels of one's needs. In this regard, it is to do good can be the best way to achieve happiness (happiness). In addition, the benefits of doing good to stimulate the hormone of happiness is, the body will not restrict hormone Endorphins released. So it can be concluded, the more we do good, the feeling of happiness (happiness) achieved will be stronger and last longer.

It can currently be witnessed, how to pass the kindness has become something that is rare, even for some as old-fashioned, not important or not profitable. Examples of such would not give a dime to a beggar because it is considered a disease of society, or do not provide the opportunity for walkers who want to cross when we are driving, reluctant to help neighbors who need it, or sometimes to share a smile we are very heavy.

Doing good either small or large, can actually help ourselves to live happier. So do good masihkah think it's not important and not profitable? Or are we still ignore and delay doing good? Then what is the meaning of life without happiness with bebuat well? Search and find happiness by doing Goodness.