4 Habits That Postpone Happiness

4 Habits That Postpone Happiness - Hello Readers, I quoted from SosialTips.blogspot.com about what is happiness and how to get it? Of course everyone has each other's perceptions to answer this question. Okay, let's say, whatever you think about the answer to this question is an absolute right and your right to believe it is true.

Like in other entry I wrote that there is ways for introvert to have a balanced life, one of the goals of balance life is happiness. Of course in happiness, there is an effort made and some things that should not be done. So, here we will discuss the bad habits that delay happiness. What are that bad habits?

4 Habits That Postpone Happiness
4 Habits That Postpone Happiness

1. The Perfectionist
Are things perfect will bring happiness? Or there can never be happiness for all the things that are not perfect? The answer is 'NO'. Not all things have to be done perfectly, sometimes we have to limit our targets with 'excellent or good enough' because there will never be finished for a word perfection, there will always be things that will and must be repaired. Start by determining a deadline for yourself when doing something, so whatever you produce is good enough to satisfy yourself.

2. Comparing Your Life with Others
It would be nice, if you are able to compare yourself today with yourself yesterday. You can find out if you are doing better or vice versa, so it will be motivated to do all the things as best you are able to do. But comparing life, ties, shoes, vehicles, your wealth with everyone else, especially the more luxurious and more successful than you, will only make a trap for yourself.

Everyone has the ability to do all the things in his own way and get different results. Replace bad habits with better see the positive things about you from time to time. What should be maintained or what needs fixing. Then you will find your own happiness.

3. Negative Attitude
Negative attitude towards yourself is a scary thing. Your thoughts about the failure, failure, and ketidakmungkingan of all things, your bad perception about the future or hesitations you do good is a bad habit that should be eliminated.

How your life will be quiet when you are always prejudiced to everything or everyone? Learn to understand others with husnudzon (assume good faith). Do not let personal prejudices make you unhappy.

4. Limiting Yourself from the Outside World
You believe that you only need a lover or sister or parents or even just your own and does not need the help of others, it makes one often think and restrict yourself from others. You will focus only on yourself. In fact, social kehiduan course requires you to socialize with other people as human beings as social beings. There will be times when you will not and may not need the help of others, and vice versa.

Believe that happiness can come from anywhere and by anyone. Begin to open up and let happiness find you. Hopefully this article useful for you, Readers.